Question: What Is A Strategic Window Of Opportunity?

A Strategic Window is a period of time during which the strategy will work.

More precisely, it is the relatively short time interval during which the fit between the factors critical for success in a market and the Distinctive Competencies of a business competing in that market are favorable / optimal.

What is window opportunity?

A window of opportunity (also called a margin of opportunity or critical window) is a period of time during which some action can be taken that will achieve a desired outcome.

What are windows of opportunity Why are they important?

In brain development, a window of opportunity is a specific span of time for the normal development of certain types of skills. it is important because these are the only times a child is able to learn the determined skills.

What is a business window?

A window of opportunity for business is a small time frame in which a chance exists before it will expire. A window of opportunity in business will also solve a problem to a unique situation.

What is strategic leverage?

Strategic leverage is defined as a company’s maneuver (its ability to change its competitive position in a market) multiplied by its return (changes in revenue, market share, or both that result from any maneuver).